3-4 months before your wedding date is enough time to book your wedding day transportation. Before making an appointment to visit a transportation company, you should have an idea of:
• How many passengers will be in the vehicle?
• How much you’re willing to spend.
• What type of car you want.
• What colour you car you want.
• All the locations that you’ll need pick-ups and drop-offs.
• The times for these pick-ups and drop-offs.
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Type of Vehicles
• What types of cars or limos do you have available?
• How many passengers can the limo hold comfortably?
• Ask to see the car that will be yours on your wedding day.
• What colours do they have, interior and exterior.
Condition of Vehicles
• What year and model is the car?
• Is the car in good condition?
• Always visit the company and look at the cars
• Look at both the interior and exterior.
• How will the chauffeur be dressed?
• Do the chauffeurs provide good service?
• Will the chauffeur know the route to all your locations?
• How does the company charge…by hour, by package?
• Do they charge extra for long distances?
• What is the overtime charge?
• What’s included in the price? (drinks, red carpet, snacks…)
• Is the tip already included? * Tipping rules: 10% tip is alright, 15% is average, 20% is giving for great service.
• Are there discounts for off season or non-Saturday weddings?
• Is there a discount is more them one vehicle is booked?
• Is there a discount if you book you stag and stagette vehicles with the same company?
• Is your driver familiar with your different locations? * It’s always a good idea to send the company written instructions and/or a map to all your locations.
Check References
• Does the company have any references that you can check? * Checking references is a good thing.
• Contact company whenever there have been changes made to your schedule or locations.
• Your contract should include: the type, size and colour of car; pick-up and drop-off information with the times.
• Confirm your reservation with the transportation company 1 week before your wedding date.
• Ask them if they have all the directions to your different destinations.