Read what types of gifts other couples have given to their bridesmaids, groomsmen, parents, and each other.

• Diamond & amethyst bracelets
• Swarovski crystal figurine
• Tickets to see Mamma Mia and I subsidized everyone’s dresses by $50.
• Wooden memory boxes. Each box had the date of our wedding and a design on the front. I filled each girl’s box with a note telling them what I admire the most about them and items that symbolized memories I shared with them.
• Hair & makeup on the wedding day, and a Vermont Wish Bowl. They are personalized with wedding & friendship-related words, and have our names & wedding date and the recipient’s name painted on the bottom.
• Silver jewellery boxes engraved with their monogram and a crystal earring and necklace set.
• Embroidered throws each. It was embroidered with their name, duty (MOH), and our wedding date.
• I paid for a day at the spa, which included wedding day makeup and I got my MOH her birthstone earrings as an “extra” for being so special to me.
• A sterling silver tray and I paid for their dress fabric
I’m buying each of them one thing that suits their personality and maybe one similar thing for each, like a bracelet. For one BM I’m going to get wineglasses, for my MOH, probably jewellery, the other BM I’m not sure yet. For all of them, I want to get them one of those foot spa baskets I’ve seen advertised.
• Hotel accommodations, hair & make up, an engraved compact and something “extra” for my MOH.
• Pre-wedding accommodations- renting a suite for our “slumber party”…
• Knee-length bathrobe, one of those blow-up bath pillows covered in terry cloth, a candle and one of those Little Miss books, i.e. Little Miss Helpful and then I wrote them each a few sentences on the inside cover. I added a necklace and a pair of earrings to my MOH’s gift.
• Decorative boxes with bath beads and perfume/cologne too.
• Silver jewellery (not for wedding) and leather jewel boxes/cases.
• I’m having a wrap made to match their dresses, a purse-size perfume bottle and a silver compact…I might put these in a cute little purse…
• Crystal votive holders from Tiffany’s; beautifully wrapped in those wonderful little blue boxes!
• Classy evening bags to match their dresses
• 5X7 pewter picture frames.
• MOH – I bought her a set of sushi dishes and a cookbook on how to make your own sushi.
• BM#1 – a set of funky ice cream dishes, some sprinkles, and a penguin handled ice cream scoop.
• BM#3 – she is getting a Lagostina strainer, stainless steel pasta server and some cook books, as well as flavoured oil etc. I am wrapping these up like gift baskets – quite excited… I hope they like them b/c I sure do!!!

• Chessboards (made of glass, not to play with) and little model cars with engravings saying “thank you…special day…for being my groomsman.”
• Stainless steel ice buckets with these tongs that looks like two hands, and a stainless steel shot glass and some stir sticks etc.
• Standard beer steins, or flasks
• Shot glasses engraved with their monogram and a 40 ounce bottle of their favourite liquor
• 2 nice bottles of wine in a decorative wine box
• Swiss army knife
• Tickets to a sporting event
• “Manly” care packages for our guys – none of them are into things engraved to be honest, so we are putting cigars, cologne, a bottle of something each one likes to drink and the appropriate glasses to match, and some other thinks that are each unique to the guy. We are wrapping these up in golf towels with the wedding date and our names and tying it with bungee cords.
• Personalized tool boxes
• Monogrammed cufflinks that they can wear on the wedding day and after
• Silver business card holders and cigarette cases with their monogram on it.
• Monogrammed tie clips
• Monogrammed money clips
• Muskoka chairs with a little plaque that had his nickname engraved on it!
• NHL jerseys from their favourite team with their name on the back
• Personalized golf balls and other golf accessories

• Winnie the Pooh collector plate.
• Pyjamas and slippers and a Just for Kids bath package from the Body Shop.
• Bride and Groom, Barbie and Ken
• Purse with mirror, lip gloss and brush

• Engraved train piggybanks from Things Engraved and we’ll give them $10 or so to put in them.
• A donation to his Education Fund
• Precious Moment Ring Bearer ornament

• I took my mom out the day before the wedding for a facial, manicure and pedicure. I’m getting my father some cigars and a bottle of rum while I’m on my honeymoon.
• Cappuccino makers
• Engraved picture frames with our names and wedding date engraved on it.
• A book called “The Giving Tree”. It’s a children’s book written by Shel Silverstein, about sacrifice and love. Very much representing parents’ love and sacrifice for their children.

• Tickets to a sporting event
• Framed professional team jersey
• A golf club or a set of clubs
• Snorkelling gear and an Armani bikini for our honeymoon!
• White gold (or silver) cufflinks with his initials engraved
• Key chain from Tiffany’s
• Gift certificate for a round of golf at a nice course