Wedding Stationery contributed by Lano Tondu – Discount Invitations

Announce your plans for the future with wedding stationery that captures the joy you feel.Select one that suits your style and personalize it with words that reflect your love and happiness. You should mail your invitations four to six weeks before the wedding date
If your circle of friends and relatives is larger than the number of guests you are able to invite to your wedding celebrations, send announcements to spread your joyous news. Every invitation here may be used as a beautiful announcement with a simple change of wording. Your announcements should be mailed immediately after the ceremony, preferably on the same day. A gift is not required in response to an announcement.
Traditionally, two envelopes are used when mailing wedding invitations or announcements.
Inner Envelopes
The invitation, with any accompanying enclosure cards, is first placed in the ungummed inner envelope. The invitation should be inserted with the folded edge first. For added elegance, present your invitation in a lined inner envelope.
Outer Envelopes
The inner envelope is placed in the outer envelope, which is then sealed and addressed in traditional fashion. Envelopes should not be typed, but written by hand in your most elegant penmanship. We recommend having your return address printed on the outer envelope flaps to ensure that you discover undeliverable invitations. Professionally printed return addresses also save you valuable addressing time and maintain the formal elegance of your invitation.
Envelope Seals
Add a perfect finishing touch to your wedding ensemble with custom designed seals. Order these seals for any occasion where a touch of elegance is desired.
Matching Accessory Cards
When ordering your invitations and announcements, it is proper to order accessory cards in a matching paper and typestyle. Informals, reception and response sets are important elements of your stationery ensemble
Reply Sets
Receptions can be costly, and accurate guest counts are a must Reply cards are essential for determining the number of reception guests to plan for. Enclosed with the invitation, a reply card is later returned in the accompanying printed reply envelope indicating whether or not guests plan to attend.
Reception Cards
The time and place of your reception is announced on this small card or folder. The reception card is enclosed with the invitation and does not require a separate envelope. An additional card may also be enclosed inviting intimate friends and family to a wedding breakfast or gift opening.
At Home or Address Cards
This important enclosure tells friends and family the address of your new home. At home cards may be enclosed with announcements or sent separately after the wedding. You may also include them with the invitation if the names are omitted. Order extra to hand out at the reception.
Informal Notes
This folding note is a beautiful and personal way to say “thank you” for every gift received. The name of the bride and groom, the bride’s name only, or a monogram is printed on the front. Use the informal after the wedding for any other social correspondence.
Thank You Notes
The formal printed thank you note is a great time saver. Any informal note may be printed as a thank you note for expressions of appreciation that match your invitations.
Place Cards
Place cards offer a courteous and very convenient way to designate seating arrangements at the reception, showers and the rehearsal dinner They also make fine souvenirs for your guests. Each card is printed with the first names of the married couple, the wedding date, a line for the guest’s name and a table number line.
Confetti Cards and Ribbons
These cards and ribbons add a personal touch to your cake or favours. Your names, wedding date and design may be printed with your choice of coloured foil to complement your reception setting.
Thank You Scrolls
Scrolls provide a memorable way to thank each guest for attending your reception or wedding party. Fled with a ribbon, or secured with a gold or silver ring, these personalized scrolls can be placed at dinner settings, served with wedding cake or handed to guests as they arrive.
Programs Wedding
Programs provide a practical and thoughtful way to introduce the wedding party and guide your guests through the service. Programs list the order of the service, the names of the participants, the music and perhaps a favorite quote from the bride and groom. They also make lovely mementos for your guests.
Luxurious quality napkins are available in both luncheon and beverage sizes. Napkins are available in coordinating colours to match your wedding reception, and also in traditional white or with pearlized designs