How to Care for your Jewellery submitted by Elizabeth Webster Goddard – Fifth Avenue Collection Jewellery
1. Choose a safe place to put your rings when you take them off. Always use the same place, for memory’s sake.
2. Store a diamond where it will not rub up against other jewelry. Its own box is the best place.
3. Photograph or videotape your jewelry and file with your insurance. Ask your agent about the details of jewelry coverage in your policy.
4. Have your rings checked at least once a year.
5. Clean and inspect your rings regularly. Rinse in a commercial jewelry cleaner, brush with nothing tougher than a child’s toothbrush, rinse in water, then buff with a soft cloth. Other jewelry benefits from gentle buffing with a soft cloth.


1…wear rings when doing laundry, heavy cleaning or using harsh chemicals. This could stain them.
2…leave your ring on the edge of the sink or on the window ledge over the sink. Rings seem to be attracted to drains, toilets and garburetors!
3…wear your rings while doing yard work or construction. You could chip or loosen the stone.