There are so many different types and styles of wedding invitations. Below are the most common.
If you are having 50 guests or less, you can hand-write your invitations on personalized plain white stationary. Either the bride or her mother can issue these invitations.
Genuine Engraved
This is the most exquisite and expensive type of invitation you can buy. Your words and designs are cut into a thin piece of copper, placed into a press, inked and then stamped onto your paper or card stock. The pressure of the press leaves indents on the back of the paper and that’s why it’s called “engraved”.
This is the most popular type of invitation because it’s beautiful and much cheaper then Engraved. It all starts with a negative of your wording, that is transferred to a plate. Your choice of paper goes through the press and while the ink is still wet another machine dusts the ink with powder. Then your paper goes through an oven heating the ink and powder, creating a raised look and feel.
While all formal invitations are printed/pressed on white, ivory or ecru coloured paper, contemporary invitations use colour. By using coloured paper, colour ink, a bouquet of flowers, a picture of the couple, etc., you are personalizing the invitation. Contemporary invitations are not suggested for formal weddings. The wording on these invitations can be less formal also.
Exactly what you think it is. Your wording is printed directly on your paper. No fancy steps, no big production. You can make this type of invitation by yourself or order them.