Addressing Wedding Invitations 101
FB Quick Tips:
- Feel free to use your computer and print out clear address labels if you don’t have good handwriting or can’t afford a calligrapher.
- List children’s first names on line 2 of the outer envelope from oldest to youngest
- If you don’t want kids at your wedding, omitting their names from the inner and outer envelope is the rule that everyone is supposed to know but of course will choose to ignore. See our reply card @ article for other suggestions
- Person with an occupational title is listed first, regardless of sex (Doctor, Judge, military, etc…)
- When inviting unmarried couples, address the invite to the person you know best, regardless of sex.
- You don’t have to send an invitation to your wedding party but it’s a nice memento.
- Guests over the age of 18 gets their own invitation


 Use of Titles:
We’ve heard from many brides in the past few years that don’t like the use of titles (Mr., Ms. Miss, Mrs. etc). They prefer to use the first and last names of all their guests.
Married couple: John and Mary White
Married couple, wife has kept her family name: John Brown and Mary White.
Personally, I’m not ready to give up titles but if you don’t want to use them, I doubt that the RCMP will show up at your door step with a warrant. Including the wife’s name on the outer envelope is a different story. I think it’s nice.
*Please note that the examples given below reflect proper etiquette. If you don’t have an inner envelope, don’t worry, just address the outer.
Married Couple:
Outer: Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Pitt
Inner: Mr. and Mrs. Pitt
Married Couple – Wife kept her maiden name:
Outer: Mr. Bradley Pitt and Mrs. Angelina Jolie
Inner: Mr. Pitt and Mrs. Jolie
Married Couple – Wife is a Doctor:
Outer: Dr. Mary Shapiro and Mr. Clarence Rockwell
Inner: Dr. Shapiro and Mr. Rockwell
Married Couple – Wife has a title and same last name as her husband
Outer: The Honourable Sonya Rosenthal and Mr. Samuel Rosenthal
Inner: Judge and Mr. Rosenthal
Married Couple – Husband is a Doctor:
Outer: Dr. Philip and Mrs. McGraw
Inner: Dr. and Mrs. McGraw
Married Couple – 2 Doctors with the same last name:
Outer: The Doctors Brown or Drs. Bill and Mary Brown
Inner: The Doctors Brown
Married Couple – 2 Doctors with different last names and the wife is your friend:
Outer: Dr. Mary White and Dr. Bill Brown
Inner: Dr. White and Dr. Brown
Gay Married Couple with the same last name
Outer: The Messrs. Elton and David John
Inner: The Messrs. John
Gay Married Couple with different last names
Outer: Mr. Elton John and Mr. David Furnish
Inner: Mr. John and Mr. Furnish
Lesbian Married Couple with the same last name
Outer: The Mesdames Rosie and Kellie O’Donnell
Inner: The Mesdames O’Donnell
Lesbian Married Couple with different last names
Outer: Mrs. Rosie O’Donnell and Mrs. Kellie White
Inner: Mrs. O’Donnell an Mrs. White
“and Guest”: Address invite to your single friend. He doesn’t know who he’s bringing
Outer: Mr. Leonardo DiCaprio
Inner: Mr. DiCaprio and Guest
“and Family”: No need to mention children on the outer envelope only the inner
Outer: Mr. and Mrs. Willard Smith
Inner: Mr. and Mrs. Smith
Trey, Jaden and Willow
Adult Brothers living at the same address
Outer: The Messrs. Thomas and William Black
Inner: The Messrs. Black
Adult Sisters living at the same address
Outer: The Misses Mary and Heather Thompson
Inner: The Misses Thompson
Adult Brother and Sister living at the same address
Outer: Mr. Wayne Yoshita and Miss Rose Yoshita
Inner: Mr. Yoshita and Miss Yoshita
Unmarried couple that live together – Put names on separate lines
Outer: Miss Helen White
Mr. Charles Poker
Inner: Miss White and Mr. Poker
Single Woman
Outer: Miss Betty Boop
Inner: Miss Boop
Single Man
Outer: Mr. Raymond Burk
Inner: Mr. Burk
Divorced or Widowed Woman with Children
Outer: Mrs. or MS. Linda Chang
Inner: Mrs. or Ms. Chang
John and May
Relatives – Outer is formal, Inner is what you call them
Outer: Mr. and Mrs. Arturo DiSanto
Inner: Uncle Arty and Aunt Maria
Outer: Father John O’Malley
Inner: Father O’Malley
Outer: Rabbi and Mrs. Dovid Zucker
Inner: Rabbi and Mrs. Zucker
Elected Officials (Governor, Mayor, Judge, etc…)
Outer: The Honourable Hilary Clinton and Mr. William Clinton
Inner: The Honourable and Mr. Clinton
— OR—
You can use the Elected officials specific title
Outer: Senator Hillary Clinton and Mr. William Clinton
Inner: Senator and Mr. Clinton