Some mom’s purchase 2 dresses for a wedding. One they’ll wear during the day for the ceremony and the photos that immediately follow the ceremony at the church or nearby park; then they’ll change into a formal evening gown for the reception.


If you only plan on buying one dress for the wedding, it should be an evening gown or formal suit.


DO’s for Day Wear
-Ceremony attire can be knee, calf or full length.
-It can be a dress or suit.

DON’Ts for Day Wear
Y-ou can not dress all in white
-You shouldn’t match the bridesmaids in colour
-You shouldn’t match the other mother

FB Tips:
-Get a wrist corsage instead of one that will be pinned to your clothing. Corsages can be heavy and pull at your clothing and make it look a bit sloppy.
-If you aren’t used to wearing heels (like back in the day) but are going to wear them at the wedding, bring an extra pair of flats that you can change into for comfort.