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Who Are The Faces of Canada's Frugal Bride??

Are you sure you really want to know? Because we're nothing special. Just two chicks that like weddings. Not to mention, we figure as no poor suckers out there want to marry us, we might as well have some fun helping you plan your wedding. Now that you have some insight into our personalities (just kidding), here's the scoop on the two ladies that are CANADA FRUGAL BRIDE.

Darsi Pizzolato (One 4'11" Tough Italian Chick)

Darsi has spent the last twenty years working and running the family business, an Italian restaurant. In the fall of 1999 the business was sold and she found herself with nothing to do but think up ideas that would be marketable. Believe it when we say Darsi has ideas, alot of them have gone into the construction of this site. Her role here at the Frugal Bride is gathering all of that really great information that you ladies find useful, and she won't stop until Canada's Frugal Bride is one of the best wedding sites to ever see the light of day. Canada's Frugal Bride started with one of Darsi's "ideas". It was launched on March 17, 2000 and grew from there with the help of her partner, who would be ...

Judy Cormier (A blonde version of Aunt Jemima)

Judy has spent the last twenty years (or more, but we won't discuss that), working in the communications and graphics industry. The graphics industry background has come in handy in the actual physical construction of this site, which is her responsibility. Not to mention having to field off these really great ideas that Darsi has (try keeping track, you've never seen so many e-mails). We figure all of that corporate experience will "hopefully" come in handy when it comes to some of the fun administration stuff (yuck!).

What you really have though, after all is said and done, are two really great and long-time friends who have made it their business to help you plan your wedding. You have our commitment that we will always try to bring you the best vendors from all over Canada. Along with Canada's Frugal Bride site, Darsi is a wedding consultant and Judy is a wedding photographer, so when we say we know the business, we're really not kidding !!!!

Oh nice ring ... I can't believe we did that ...!
(Judy's the one in the pink with the Tammy Faye eye shadow)

So, we welcome you with open arms to Canada's Frugal Bride. Hopefully your experience with our site will be a good one and we would like to see you back and please be sure to check out the Babbling Brides Bulletin Board. Sharing ideas is what we're all about!!

Love the hat honey ... don't she look cute!! :)
(You know Jude loved that one)

If at any time you would like to contact us, please feel free:

Frugalbride mail should be directed to
Darsi Pizzolato
The Frugal Bride
237 Dundas Street East
Toronto, ON M5A 1Z7
Phone: (416) 953-1356

Office Hours: Monday to Friday - 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

You can reach Judy at and
Elementz of Fotographie

Photos Courtesy of Stephanie Cragg Photography

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