Frugal Bride is shutting down


With great sadness I announce that we have decided to close Frugal Bride at the end of April 2014. This site has been my job and my joy for the past 14 years.



When we started this site there were only a handful of wedding websites, now the internet is saturated. Also, I no longer work weddings as a wedding coordinator or photography assistant and feel, to give great advice I need to be hands on with the people I’m serving, couples and vendors.


Speaking for myself and Judy, we will look back at this chapter of our lives with an enormous sense of pride.


Thank you to all the brides and grooms from around the world who have graced our pages, to the 100′s of couples we’ve worked for and to all the advertisers and  friends we’ve made through the years.


It’s been an awesome ride!

Good-bye and all the best :)


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